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Amy Jo is raising her two beautiful boys, Kent (3) and Freddy (1), in Washington State where her husband is serving in the military as a Navy JAG. She starts her days with a cold Coke and little boy kicks and cuddles. When she isn’t wiping up something gross, you can find her reading or listening to a book, playing with her boys, avoiding laundry and spending time outside with her family.

Lindie lives in Texas raising 4 littles: Henry (6), Nora (6), Calvin (2) and Bennie (5 months) while her husband finishes an Emergency Medicine residency! She loves a good sonic drink (DDP with easy vanilla), thinking of new business ideas and boating with her family.

We wanted to create a cute map that inspired our kids to use their imagination because both of our favorite things is seeing our kids pretend play on our kitchen floors. And honestly we needed a little help to keep our kids happy without needing to turn on a TV. (you get it, right?!) We’re thrilled to have created something that brings hours of entertainment, teaches our kids something new, and gives us a piece of sunshine to bond over each month. We hope you love it too!